Project management office (PMO)

Omran Sarir Intl. Co utilizing experienced managers and experts is attempted to establish PMO in head office including three units A) planning and project control B) Document control center (DCC) C) Cost control and tries to present services to follow group in frame of project management standards:

  • Higher manager of organization
  • Project managers
  • Inter-organization units

Planning and project control department

This department is responsible of investigation and approve of time schedule of approximately 20 small and big projects and also some other responsibilities are as follow:

  • Integrity of WBS of sub-projects
  • Plan and lead to hold weekly meetings of project planning
  • Investigation and confirmation of weekly and monthly reports of site and head office
  • Control of time schedule of goods supply and dispatching to supply unit
  • Preparation of reports on delay and accelerations
  • Report the status of project in different major levels
  • Report the financial status of projects including payment, invoices, …
  • Investigation of equipment purchase plan and requirements of the projects based on MTO
  • Follow up and gather project information and correct them in case of any inaccuracy
  • Define and optimize all the formats for projects
  • Registering records

DDC (documents control center)

Duties of this department are as bellows:

  • Registering technical documents according to communication management plan and coding of technical documents
  • Controlling shortage of documents
  • Predicting time for deadlines
  • Managing software for technical documents registration management TRDM
  • Preparing required forms to announce delivery of documents (transmittal)

Cost control unit

Duties of this department are as bellows:

  • Engagement in defining cost centers and structure of project cost division (CBS)
  • Prepare Measurement method system procedure based on the execution and condition of projects
  • Prepare analytical reports based on monthly financial progress status
  • Budgeting project with execution team of project
  • Estimation the finished costs of projects
  • Specifying loss and profitable points of projects