HSE & Insurance

Omran Sarir Intl. Co. attempts to approve effects of health, safety and environment factors through creating an innovative cultural platform and new systematic approach.

In Sarir with a futuristic approach we have attempted to make strategic plans in the field of utilizing HSEMS in a way that through attraction of 50 people from experts and safety officer in different levels we are changed to a dynamic organization maestro in safety and health concept.

Also in the recent years, we have passed important steps regarding health and safety of colleagues through commissioning holistic training system and tests before hiring and utilizing high clauses of medical insurances.

Obviously industries and target markets of Sarir have individual standards in the field of HSE.

Most important activities of HSE units in Sarir are as follows:

Assessment of projects risks through preferred methods by customers (risk assessment)

Preparation and updating HSE PLAN for projects

Preparation and updating instructions and localized executive methods with projects

Supervision and reporting inconsistencies of safety items to the senior manager of the organization

Following up to perform amending actions in shortest time

Presenting reports on safety function according to employers and consultants opinion.

HSE Certification