Traffic is the main reason of air pollution as well as noise and environmental pollution’s, which has become as one of the most tangible environmental problems in Tehran and other major cities considering its harmful consequences and endangers the health of millions of citizens on a daily basis. Definitely, development of subway system, as the ultimate recognized solution of this problem, may play a significant role in promotion of citizens’ health and keeping and protecting the environment as our heritage for next generations.

Meanwhile, along with the other bodies in charge and in order to fulfill our social mission, Sarir has stepped into the plan of maximum involvement in public transportation development projects with special focus on subway infrastructure projects, including tunneling and constructing underground paths, constructing subway stations, constructing air vents and other mid-tunnel structures as well as engineering and studies in the field of modern and optimized methods to construct structures relating to subway.

  • Engineering and implementing subway stations main and side structures.
  • Engineering and implementing subway stations finishing works,
  • Engineering and implementing electrical and mechanical installation works of subway stations,
  • Travers construction and subway lines rail laying works
  • Engineering and implementing air vents and mid-tunnel shafts