Wastewater Part

Now a days lack of water storage with increasing demand in the internal consume, agriculture’s and industries shows the importance of this resource management much more.


Technical knowledge of water supply from the available resources is one of the most important challenges in Iran. Omran sarir Co. is capable to provide the best solution for technical and environmental issues according to the customer and client’s demand with its valuable Technics and experiences during the execution of related project in all recent years.

One the of most important long term strategies of Omran Sarir Co. is to develop the activities in execution of water resource development projects like dams, hydraulics structures, tunnel water transfer line, channels and pipelines, storage tanks, water and wastewater networks, Irrigation and drainage networks, pump stations, river engineering and environmental services and in these recent years it is included with the studies and researches with execution of successful related projects:

  • Execution of Dams and hydraulic structures
  • Execution and development of wastewater collecting networks
  • Execution of implementing the industrial and sanitary wastewater refineries
  • Execution of implementing water refineries
  • Execution of water transfer tunnels
  • Renovation and upgrade the agriculture irrigation networks

Water & Wastewater Projects:

  • Execution of implementing refinery & network of wastewater of SAIPA in Saveh