Nowadays, using connection and information technology tools has become a vital requirement in order to manage and control businesses.

It seems unlikely being successful in civil projects without implementation of information technology related systems. For this purpose, Sarir co. as a pioneer and project-oriented organization, has developed information technology issues by supplying all kinds of software and hardware systems.

Supporting all users and experts and using all communication and information systems at farthest geographical distances is one of the basic services of IT department.

ICT Infrastructure


  • Network hardware equipment
  • Utilization of one of the best and up to date network connection equipment
  • Utilization of one of the best power and network infrastructure equipment
  • Benefiting from Cisco switches in layer 2 and 3
  • Controlling the network traffic and routing by using Cisco and Mikrotik routers
  • Owning one of the world’s most powerful UTMs (Sophos)
  • Connection (Internet and Intranet)
  • Make connection between central office and subordinate offices through secure intranet context
  • Manage the personnel internet accounts


  • Servers
  • Virtualization through EXSi for more than 20 virtual servers
  • Using the last version of operating system of server management
  • Backuping
  • Utilization of “Veritas Backup Exec” management system
  • Guarantee the security of data such as maps, reports, programs, …
  • Users Computers
  • Having more than 250 computers with updated hardware
  • Technical managing and updating all equipment’s hardware and softwares
  • Financial System
  • Accounting projects and salary system by using financial comprehensive software of corporation.
  • Reporting inventory stock and the amount of consumed material in a period of time and also purchase threshold report.
  • Accessibility to all above information systems out of central office through internet
  • Emergency power systems
  • Utilization of UPS for central office
  • Emergency power supply automatically after two minutes by site generators
  • Telephone connection
  • Audio and Video connection through integrated “Skype for business” system
  • Documentation, official automation and information management systems
  • Utilization of one of the world’s most powerful mail servers (Exchange Server) in order to send and receive internal and external emails
  • Management of documents and procedures through SharePoint software
  • Implementation of comprehensive management system of organizational control by using Project Server
  • Project Database
  • Creating a project database including projects general information, infrastructure level of different parts, used materials, systems and equipment capacities, executive methods, estimates, costs, challenges and experiences, … as described in the design services for employer


  • Human resource management system
  • Utilization of comprehensive system and integrated management of staff function