Energy section:

    The key strategic power industry is one of the major and primary field of activities in Sarir co. in this field, sarir is assumed as one of the expert corporations which has great and unique ability and also capacity in noticeable fields such as engineering, equipment supply, executing of power plants, project management etc. All these achievements are the results of sarir managers that have been obtained in near four decades of experiences.

The Sarir having owned over 75% share of Peyma Bargh Co. (construction of line and substation services co.) proceeds to present engineering services in the field of energy and communications in a specialized way. 

According to the importance of efficient optimization and utilization of natural energies and existence of environmental pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels in energy production section, the need of reproducible energy in energy production is highly felt. It is expected that these resources will play  significant role in global energy supplies in long time and are good successor to fossil fuels. At the moment, the important issue of this energy substitution is its economic justification issues. The research and development department of Omran Sarir Co. has adopted finding the best solution for this topic as its first priorities.

Noticing the environment and the health of citizens are  our social mission in the international corporation of Omran Sarir and we are interested in playing a role in new energy-related projects by being supported by the government and private investors.