CEO utterance

After over a decade of its foundation, OmranSairir International has gained a wealth of useful experience in implementing construction projects, and has gained new knowledge in implementing the GC EPCF, EPC, MC method. The passage of time has led us to grow to get more along with price, time, and quality standards.

OmranSairir International has set up QHSE infrastructure and implementation of modern project management systems to demonstrate the advent of these goals in an appropriate organizational structure, with human potential and the use of modern ICT technologies. At the same time, it has grown with the improvement of organizational agility processes, so that by creating a common goal with stakeholders, it can be step-by-step promoted to a learning organization. On the other hand, by obtaining various certificates of quality assurance from international institutions, it has been able to create conditions that allow them to manage projects through continuous monitoring.


Other important reasons for success could be the construction space in the country and the honor of working with the employers and engineer consultants competent,
intelligent and Smart. They have also provided the basis for the dynamism and application of the company’s knowledge.


I firmly believe that an organization based on the principles and standards of engineering and the system’s foundations will be a bonus of talent and can be transformed into a knowledge-based enterprise (GC) to guide and maintain personnel. Which will result in the development of knowledge management.


With this determination, we will certainly be able to improve the life, effectiveness and hope of the future of university graduates and provide a space for the development of appropriate and competent managers, relying on scientific concepts and applied skills, to be entrepreneurs of later generations.

In the end, it is necessary to thank all the colleagues who helped us in this way.


Mahmoud Jannatian


Autumn 2017