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Omran sarir international company was established in Tehran in year 2005 and has managed to complete and implement mare than 50 projects in the fields of engineering-supplying equipment and construction during a decade of its activities in different regions of Iran. Satisfaction of client and taking benefit from quality management and time control are seen as the main vision current company managers , while acquiring ISO9001-2008 certificates together with promoting ISO culture among the employees and ICT infrastructures in company’s supporting sectors have made the basis to achieve certain levels  in quality management.

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Services & capabilities of the company

Engineering (E)

The main activities in OmranSarir are project engineering.

A group of architects, civil engineers, electricians, mechanics and miners are trying to provide the best endeavor to provide their clients with the best plans in designing and construction by engineering ideas and methods.

Procurement (P)

One of the main requirements in the construction industry is to provide equipment for the projects. Therefore, OmranSarir is required to follow the needs of customers in all aspects and also identify the best suppliers with the necessary features with the lowest price.

Construction (C)

Experience in construction of hundred thousands square meters of buildings with residential, industrial and educational usage and etc. … during years of the company’s activity is an asset to precede its path.

Operation & Maintenance (O & M)

Applying an efficient maintenance system can play a huge role in reducing costs and final product cost. These effects are not just cost-effective and will be effective in delivering the service throughout the entire supply chain. By developing new strategies in this sector, we will look for economic and optimal solutions and we will be ready to provide the highest level of quality in the maintenance, operation, periodic maintenance of power plants, refineries, infrastructure and industrial and public buildings.

Project Management (PM)

The project management is a combination of science, art and technology, and is designed to train for the preparation, monitoring and implementation of the project, especially the construction projects. The main feature of project management is its interdisciplinary nature.
We also use the combination of our expert and elite specialists in civil, electrical, mechanical, industrial engineering and management majors to maximize productivity.

Financing (F)

Project financing is a long-term plan to stop industrial and infrastructure projects from seriously risks.

The financial structure of the projects has a complex texture and is a combination of debts and capital for the financing structure.
OmranSarir will intends to take advantage of his previous experiences in devising and using innovative methods of financing projects to succeed in the shortest time.

Omransarir international company

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Electrical & Mechanical Installation & Equipment field & Power sector

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